Solar PV installations

We offer a full range of installation solutions: integrated, on roof or ground mounted systems

How we work for you

Solar a source of energy

To get the best from a solar PV system, we first have to assess the size of space available, the orientation and the power needed by your residence.

Solar panels have increased in size over the last few years and this can add to complications for small or complicated roofs.  We will provide a detailed plan of potential locations and assessment of the number of panels that can be accommodated to meet your energy consumption. 

The most effective installation is a large south facing roof, however, we have undertaken many installations pointing in a range of directions with great results.

We have a great range of experience in all forms of mounting systems and roof types including integrated (in roof) systems, on roof and ground mounting systems.

Provide quote

We will provide an analysis of performance of the proposed solar system, including estimates of the savings it can provide to you over a 25 year time frame.  In addition we also provide a quote of the cost of equipment and installation thus generating a calculation of payback and rate of return of your investment.

What system?

The key components of a Solar PV system are:

  • Panels - size, format and colour are key considerations.

  • Batteries - vital for the storage of excess generation for use at a later time. the key issue is where to put them to keep them at optimal operating temperatures.

  • Inverter -  the inverter is the brain of the system taking power from the solar array and either making it available for consumption or storing it for later use.  There are three main types, PV inverter which just converts the DC from the array and makes it  available for consumption, Hybrid directly linked to the array and batteries, AC inverter that is just connected to the battery storage.  All of these inverters has its place and we will help you decide what is best for you.   


When you agree to go ahead, and pay a deposit we order the agreed system. Depending on logistics we either arrange delivery to your property or to our office.

On a date agreed with you, we’ll install your new solar system and connect the systems as required.


We will then register the system installation with the local authority, District Network Operator (DNO) and inverter manufacturer. 

We are MCS approved contractorCertification Number: NIC-600778